Equity Building Group





Equity Building Group is a unique innovation tailored to the real estate investor and real estate investment community. Our two tag lines really sum it up. “Bringing the pieces together”, and “common sense solutions”. It’s important to understand that the principles of Equity Building Group have been involved closely, and for over two decades in the “client” or “bank” side of REO (the bank owned properties industry). This “process” requires a unique and extensive skill set, and relationships with everything from real estate professionals, preservation companies, contractors, investors, funding sources from hard money to conservative local banks, movers, locksmiths, sheriff departments, and the list goes on. These are the “pieces”.

“Bringing the pieces together” means we are the one stop shop for what ever piece you (the real estate entrepreneur) may need. What we mean by that is this is whether a seasoned investor is looking for a new source of inventory, or a first time investor has the construction covered but needs to know options for funding, a well funded investor needs a reliable contractor. Perhaps any of the above needs initial or ongoing preservation. Then there’s evictions (ejectments). I see many steer clear of these. We’ve performed thousands, and done correctly, a very simple process.

“Common sense solutions” means what ever “piece” you need, we have a proven, reliable, experienced “solution”. Equity Building Group is a licensed general contractor, with the best “industry specific” subs in the business. We have relationships with “real”, REO and real estate professionals and insiders. Equity Building Group even offers a real estate investor “mentoring” program. Equity Building Group invests, and at times partners with and/ or pairs other investors.

If you are currently an investor who wants to grow, or someone who really wants to start investing, but might be missing that one “piece”, make Equity Building Group your one stop “solution”!