Equity Building Group




Construction Management

Probably the simplest, most easily explained service we offer. It could be the investor who has some money, but no real connection with proven contractors, that have experience with the real estate investors specific nitch. For them, we can provide complete start to finish service if needed. But…, it’s usually not that. It’s more like “do you have a good granite guy”, “do you have someone to remove an inground pool”, “who gets rid of cats” (yes, cats… really).

Maybe preservation stuff. I need a winterization or a trash out, remove an underground tank, or weirder then that…. “All the pipes froze”, or “the power was off and the basement filled up with water”. “Who removes boats”, or….., and I’m not making this up; “they moved out…, but they left a pretty big snake, and I’m not sure when it last ate”!

Seen all this stuff and so much more. Time is money. Why chase around all over. Make one call, we’ve probably handled it before.