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A friend asked me what that is; shortly after he asked, he and I were in line at a local flooring supply store. We bumped into a guy I have known for years from the mortgage industry. I had heard he recently started investing. I asked him how that was going. He said great. He had a partner, and they have five projects in various stages going on right now. He went on to say; “in fact, were running out of money, and looking to bring in a partner on this last one”. I said to the friend I was with “This is real estate partnering”.

See, I had another friend tell me a few months ago “I want to start investing, but I only have around $xxxxx.xx to start. If you ever come across anyone who needs a partner in that range, let me know”. Getting these two together is an example of partnering. Sometimes much larger investors just have a lot going on, and find a really killer buy. At times they’ll bring in a partner for that deal. Again, “putting the pieces”, or in this case “the people” together.

Real Estate Investor One on One Mentoring 

Learn the ins and outs of real estate investing from a true insider. Rich Beaumont has spent the last three decades as one of the top brokers of bank owned properties in the country. This is not a boot camp, or a guru. Rich is not selling anything except one on one, personal mentoring for real estate investors.

Rich has listed and managed the bank owned properties for Freddie Mac, HUD, and Fannie Mae just to name a few. Learn from Rich’s experience and expertise instead of from your mistakes.

Weekly one on one, in person sessions, and continued support. In this minimum six month training learn how to get the buys. How to achieve the greatest return and save on risk. There is no silver bullet. No secret magic. Just the experience of thousands of REO sales, rehabs, and flips, and the knowledge of who the players are, and how to connect with them.

Rich is a licensed broker in PA and NJ, past two term Master Broker for the National REO Brokers Association, published author, and president of a well respected area business association. For an evaluation and to see if mentoring can help you, fill out the below form.

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