Equity Building Group




Property Acquisition and Disposition

In simple terms, finding the buys, and selling the finished product. Sounds easy enough, but if it were, everyone truly would be doing it. Finding the buys….., it’s fluid. There’s no silver bullet. For the most part, it’s not having a buyers agent continuously throw low ball offers at every property in the MLS. A lot of subtleties in where, and how you make offers is the difference between getting the property and being in the game, or not. We know what makes the differences, who to call, what to say. Where to look where no one else is looking yet. How to navigate auctions. Remember; the money is made in the buy!

Selling (or renting) the finished product; Look…. you’re not getting paid until this happens! Again, no silver bullet, but we’ve seen, and can over come the hurdles from (and I cant believe I’m gonna say this) staging and professional photographers to get the highest price, to utility issues and certs to get something closed! Why recreate the wheel, one call can solve it all!